About us

Meerol Inc.  is a New York based MBE Certified firm, built-up on years of tested and proven team of experiences in design, review of an Architectural and Engineering works of both private and major capital program projects with great reputations and track record of planning, directing , controlling and monitoring schedules to meet required milestones and on timely completion.

Our performance and top priority in the construction industry is ” A Construction with no bargains on SAFETY of workers, the public and properties and no negotiations on QUALITY assurances and control of materials and standards of installations”.  Scopes  of our work  include the pre-construction, construction & post-construction phases participation of private and public sectors.

Our highly qualified and experienced design and project management task force works in tandem with our partners to responsibly own assigned task orders and execute them as our featured projects performed and as also, our in progress on current tasks.

Meerol is a result of vast and thorough experience in major  projects and a well understanding of design standards and requirements of both new constructions and existing infrastructures’ remodeling, rehabilitation with strict standard and building codes of New York Transit Systems of Elevated Structures and Subways, New York Housing Authority’s standard code of building constructions and other public agencies governed by Department of Building permits and with out any hesitation, contributed for our birth and existence as a company  on “New York Perspective! and International outreach!”.

Our Core Values:

Be honest and considerate 

Be respectful and be on our word and agreements

Deliver exceptional services and empower clients

Be responsible and open on  professional decisions

Synergy of Excellence